Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation


Stroke rehabilitation is primarily concerned with maximising the functional and cognitive abilities of the patient and resettling them back into the community.

Occupational Therapists provide exercises and practices to help clients do things they could do previously before their stroke such as eating, bathing, dressing, writing or cooking. In some cases the client will  be taught new techniques by the occupational therapist. Assessment by an Occupational therapist also provides a package of care which is beneficial in reducing carer strain and disability following a stroke.


The Occupational therapist looks closely at the client's functional ability in relation to their chosen goals and task demands. Our main aim is to increase clients' ability to function as independently as possible and to resume their usual roles in their lifes.


Assessments- COTNAB, Behavioural Inattention Test and FIM are used.

Treatment of cognitive and perceptual problems, i.e. teaching planning skills, or introducing compensation techniques or cue cards for affected memory. These interventions are incorporated around real life environments, based around everyday activities of daily living.

Treatment of physical limitations such as dealing with problems affecting normal movement, for example upper body areas tremor, fine motor control and reduced strength and range of motion. Improvement of physical problems affecting lower body areas such as mobility, gait, posture, balance and fitness.

Treatment Sessions are regular, frequent and graded to the client's personal tolerance level.


Evaluation of the clients personal tailored program (PTP) is monitored and measured throughout. Reflective practice encourages therapists to frequently evaluate the provision of services and modify PTPs as necessary.




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