Referrals required for DVA & GP Management Plan(GPMP).

GP Management Plan (GPMP)

To be eligible for a GPMP, a client must have a chronic (or terminal ) medical condition which has been or is likely to be present for six months or longer including cancer, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases or illness, mental health conditions (including dementia), stroke and muscoskeletal conditions.


Department of Veteran Affairs

Eligible veterans (Gold card holders ) receive service at no charge. White card holders are provided with healthcare services for their war related conditions only (accepted disabilities). A referral from a treating doctor is required.


Chronic Disease Management

These are assessed by the GP, this scheme was formally called Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program. Medicare rebates are available for a maximum of 5 sessions per calendar year for those who are eligible.

This allows a client to have five sessions for Occupational Therapy within each calendar year. A G.P referal is required to be able to access the rebate of $50.95 each sesion.


OT for Life is registered with Medicare and rebates are available through most private health insurance funds.


Private Patients

Private patients can access services on a fee for service basis.

Contact us for details of our rates.  Rebates available from private health insurance varies. Please contact your fund to clarify your cover. Costs of equipment, aids etc are variable and should be discussed with your therapist.









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