The Occupational Therapy process begins with a thorough 45 min - 1hr assessment of each client followed by careful construction of a personal tailored programme (PTP).


Individual Programe

A careful construction of a personal tailored programme (PTP) which is acheived with direct client consultation directed by their own personal goals and desires.

Treament plans are developed to assist clients to regain a range of skills such as daily living skills and interpersonsal skills to participate fully in their daily activities. These can involve family members, carers and friends identified by the client. Close collaboration and liaision with other health professionals such as G.Ps, physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists and geraticians. Facilitation  of access to community support and services is also provided to ensure good continuity of care.

Duration of the Programme

The programme is tailored to individual requirements. Each session usually last 40 mins to an hour depending on client needs. Session lengths can vary and be as long as 90 mins.

Planning of the programme involves strategies devised for optimal independence with daily activities, ie brushing teeth, showering, doing laundry, meal preparation and dressing.


OT for Life's therapists actively participate in reflective practice through decision making processes, service planning sessions.This assists to further develop best practice



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Our major focus is to maximise client's abilities to achieve efficiency in skills of living in order to improve quality of life.


Increasing independence to lead a fuller life


OT for Life provides services that assist the elderly to remain living independently and with quality in their own homes. Our aim is for patients to regain respect, dignity and peace of mind.